In the depths of New York City, on top of the Empire State Building, a creature rested. That creature was me.

The @manyvoices book is now available on lulu.com for $5.45 (exact cost of publication). You can also download the pdf version of the book for free!


@manyvoices was an ongoing collaborative story started by Mr. Mayo's 8th grade students in Maryland. The collaborative story was written by over 100 elementary and middle school students in six different countries using Twitter.com. Each student used the same @manyvoices Twitter Account. to contribute their 140 (or less) characters. The story concluded at the 140th entry. At that point, we collectively edited and revised our little Twitter story before publishing it as a small book through Lulu.com.

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contact: mrmayo.org [at] gmail.com.

For more information about this project visit -> http://www.mrmayo.org/?p=199