Horizon Project Feedback

Wiki A: Connecting People via the Network- Impact on Education

Week One Feedback - May 5 thru May 9th, 2008
Feedback from Nelson, an 8th grader from Maryland. Also trying to get students on Youth Twitter involved in the feedback on this wiki.

List 3 things that are very good about this wiki project.
1. It gives you examples of different sites used by students of all ages to communicate online.
2. All the links work which makes it easy to jump around and see the sites for ourselves.
3. We like the short summaries because it's a quick overview of what the different sites are about.

List 2 suggestions for improving the wiki page.
1. Maybe you could add a comment box, or some way for viewers to respond to your wiki.
2. Maybe you could add a widget that allows viewers to rate the site on a scale of 1 to 5 or something.
3. Maybe you guys could add a clustr map, or hit counter to your site.

List 1 piece of new knowledge our group has obtained thanks to this wiki page.
1. We learned about the Ning website. We also had never heard of the typing shark.

Question: Are all the sites suppose to be about connecting via the web? Because under the elementary sites you list websites that teach you how to type. We're not sure if that really fits into the category of "Connecting People via the Web."